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Re: New version 8.18.8?


That was all.  It was 64 bit Novell and Ubuntu.  That broke.

Regards...  Matthew

Matthew Tippett
Engineering Manager, Linux Software Engineering
ATI Technologies Inc.
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From: Flavio Stanchina <flavio at stanchina dot net>
To: Matthew Tippett <mtippett at ati dot com>
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Sent: Sat Nov 05 06:15:20 2005
Subject: New version 8.18.8?

I noticed that ATI updated the fglrx driver to version 8.18.8 from 8.18.6.
The release notes don't spell out the differences between the two versions,
so I compared the two documents and these are the differences I caught:

  The ATI Linux software driver installer now correctly identifies the
  XFree86 4.3.99 X server. Resolving an issue with the software driver
  failing to install


  Attempting to install the driver on distributions that have updated
  certain 3D components outside of the stock XOrg 6.8.2 may result in
  the driver not initializing 3D applications properly.
  Further details can be found in topic number 737-20868

Could you confirm that these are the only changes?

Ciao, Flavio