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Re: problem with fglrx-installer-8.19.10

Jonathan Kaye wrote:
I'm trying to get the fglrx driver installed on an Amd64 box with Debian
Sid 2.6.15 and Xorg 6.9. [...]
make: *** [fglrx64_6_9_0-8.19.10-1.x86_64.rpm] Error 1

The fglrx driver for X.Org 6.9 is not available in RPM format, so you're
out of luck with my packages. The ATI installer, however, *does* contain
binaries for 6.9 and you can build packages with it:

Besides, if you want to use it with 2.6.15 you'll need this patch:

Ciao, Flavio